Latest News | 4 March 2024

University project gives lab visitors glimpse into the future

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As well as finding out more about Derby’s pipeline projects, visitors to the new-look Derby City Lab can immerse themselves in a University of Derby project, which gives them a glimpse into the city’s future.

DUST (Derby’s Urban Sustainable Transition) is a co-creation project, collaborating with multiple agencies across Derby to produce interactive visualisations for a more connected, accessible, sustainable, and prosperous city for future generations.

The DUST team has visualised concepts for various sites across Derby, including proposals for a natural restoration of Markeaton Brook, a culture-led renovation of Friar Gate Bridge, and a flood-resilient transformation of the “shoulder” of the River Derwent.

DUST is hosted by the University of Derby and led by Professor Chris Bussell, pro vice-chancellor and Dean of the College of Science and Engineering.

The project is kindly funded by the Osborne legacy.

Professor Bussell, who is DUST’s project lead, said: “If we look generations ahead, we will see a more socially conscious population coming forward who want liveable cities.

“We need to be looking at how we interface commercial, retail and leisure activity into a common space that has purpose and function.”

To see these future visions for yourself, visit the Derby City Lab, which is located on Level 2 of Derbion.

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